Amish dating non amish

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Definitely very much alive, though, because unfortunately, I now have nieces who are old enough according to their standards to date, & sadly that is the practice. You know, in the English world we also deal with teens who become active too soon sexually, but I can't think of any parents who would go to bed and let their teen daughter close her bedroom door, knowing there is a teen guy in there.We deal with the same troubles, but it seems like mixed messages to Amish teens would be SO troubling!I read once about an Amish dad who wanted his "old maid" daughter married so badly, he encouraged her to bed court in hopes of a pregnancy. Dena Yes, my parents were concerned about us girls, but all mom would say was to keep our dress in place, and never mentioned anything about sex, so…guess how clueless I was, uneducated, and I really feel sorry for those girls that don't get any teaching,.Mary On the New Order and more progressive churches like Mennonites and Beachy, they do not have the practice of bed courtship. because they don't want to be faced with this issue when their children join the youth.Some said it didn't exist anymore and some said it was still being used.

So it is discovered by experimentation, not to mention these kids are 16-17 when they start & most of the time alcohol has been consumed prior to the date or sleeping together occurring. ) You're right: with no education, the young people are set up for mistakes in situations like this.Barbara, it is SO hard to think about allowing this, especially when the parents know what could happen. Or is it another one of these "Because we've always done it that way" things? Blows the popular conception of (some) Amish communities out of the water, doesn't it?Imagine the social workers who would immediately get involved if we discovered this going on in some English suburb! For some reason, many things within in the Amish communities that would raise eyebrows, and get a social worker knocking on your door outside of the Amish, are tolerated, or maybe just well-hidden.I have heard that this is one reason some families leave the Old Order and join the N. On the contrary, a lot of New Order have pretty high standards for dating.Barbara Dee, what I had tried to say earlier today is that this has been the custom for many years so there is most likely little if any wondering going on because the parents dated the same way, and know exactly what is going on. (I wish I could meet you, but my driving is limited because of health issues.

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