Ask guys dating advice

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Ladies, if you see a man you’re attracted to who has traits you admire, it’s okay to initiate some contact and put yourself in his world. We have a few suggestions for this below, but just be your open and friendly self.It’s okay to be authentic to how you’re feeling and show that you like him.But perhaps most important, give a guy a chance to overcome his initial awkwardness. "That way, if you reject him, it's him you're rejecting—not the frog in his throat or his adrenaline-induced stammering."3. Even guys who don't get nervous about talking to girls can freeze up when it comes to actually taking the next step."No guy likes putting his neck out if he's not absolutely sure a girl is into him," Todd says.Being a lady does not mean you have to sit and wait until a handsome gentleman notices you. If you want to get things moving a little more in your life, there are steps you can take.

So don't be afraid to let men in on that secret."2. According to Todd, a lot of men find their minds going completely blank when they're trying to think of what to say once they've approached a girl.

A relationship where the woman is doing all the pursuing will ultimately be unsatisfying for both parties.

Men are designed to set their eyes on something valuable and fight for it.

If he’s interested, he will start to show it as well and eventually start to pursue you.

If he doesn’t, he may just not be interested, and that’s okay. So here are few ideas from our team to help break the ice or make the first move.

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