Dating a borderline personality woman

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Being a therapist and a woman, I have seen dysfunctional females in action, and I know what they do and how they think. Quick help guide: Look for abandonment and victim issues, extreme moods, lack of empathy, no conscience, know-it-all, self-absorption, always blames others.

So DO NOT quickly move in, get married, make capital purchases for her, pay her bills, do more for her than change a light bulb or buy anything together including puppies, kittens and other items difficult to divide or leave. You can see by her expensive presentation that she is into the finest material goods and experiences money can buy. Don't be surprised if she texts 14 other guys while dating you, looking to see who will ante up the most.

If you do these types of things before a woman is attached to you, she will associate you with what you can do for her rather than who you are and how she feels about you. Has relied on parents, family, boyfriends, husbands or divorce settlements to get by. Has little or no interest in education, training, or a career. Obsesses about fashion, vacations and has her cosmetic dentist, skin specialist and plastic surgeon on speed dial.

So in my role as a public servant and educator, I am providing a list of red flag warnings that will help men sort out the women who aren't sincere. Feels most comfortable in bars and loves staying out late with friends. Prays nightly for a man who believes a woman shouldn't work.

The following material was written for people trying to recover from a relationship that's had toxic consequences for them, and is not intended as a support resourse for Borderlines or anyone with BPD traits.

If you suspect that you have these traits, please leave this website and redirect your attention to You're hurting.

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