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Java developers can invoke a SAX or DOM parser in an application through the JAXP API to parse an XML document -- that is, scan the document and logically break it up into discrete pieces.

The parsed content is then made available to the application.

In the DOM approach, the parser creates a tree of objects that represents the content and organization of data in the document. The application can then navigate through the tree to access the data it needs, and if appropriate, manipulate it.

SAXParse Exception: Content is not allowed in prolog. Error Handler Wrapper.create SAXParse Exception(Unknown Source) at org.apache. allowed before the XML declaration can be treated as whitespace if the document is handed as a stream of characters to an XML parser rather than as a stream of bytes.

In the SAX approach, the parser starts at the beginning of the document and passes each piece of the document to the application in the sequence it finds it. The application can take action on the data as it gets it from the parser, but it can't do any in-memory manipulation of the data.

For example, it can't update the data in memory and return the updated data to the XML file.

File file = new File("c:\file.xml"); Input Stream input Stream= new File Input Stream(file); Reader reader = new Input Stream Reader(input Stream,"UTF-8"); Input Source is = new Input Source(reader); Encoding("UTF-8"); I followed the instructions found here and i got the same error.

I tried several things to solve it (ie changing the encoding, typing the XML file rather than copy-pasting it ect) in Notepad and XML Notepad but nothing worked.

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