Natural hair dating

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I thought the only men who liked natural hair were artsy, quirky, cool types. The trouble is, as women, we reinforce the standards imposed on us.

That's human breastmilk, incase you missed my incredulous, slightly nauseous tone. One of the reasons I never considered going natural was because I didn't know how to date with natural hair. Infact, they all seemed to come from the school of the lighter, the brighter, the better.

We’re not your average african-american woman when it comes to hair and health. Let me tell you something, do you have any IDEA how much courage and it takes to cut ALL your hair off as a woman? We go in the mirror and shamelessly pick up the scissors, freeze for a moment after the first chop then say “ What the hell ever, its done now”. Check out Part 2: 5 More Reasons to Date a Woman With Natural Hair on Any more reasons ladies?

I don’t often write posts dedicated to the partners of naturalistas but I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips on dating women with natural hair.

Always ask if you can throw it out even if there’s a thick layer of dust on it.

For all you know it’s her once-every-three-months-amazing-secret-cream-formula.

But this just means that her hair will break even more as she will treat it with less patience. 4: Yes, she does need all those hair products Yes, sweet Lord yes.

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natural hair dating-84

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Have you ever seen a chick with natural hair turn down some butter, oils, hair products, or any other styling tools? We go BANANAS over new hair products so you don’t have to over think anything.

Because no matter how you look at it; we naturalistas certainly have our own ways.

Therefore I put together a list with the top 9 things you need to know when dating women with natural hair: 1: YOU and Only you can touch her hair Her hair is a part of her body.

Try to understand this and don’t rush her into anything.

If you push her into hurrying up, so she can still do something with the rest of her day (yes, I’ve been told this before), she will try to speed up the process.

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