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Burgunder For the Limited Editions Club edition, published in 1939; text of the proof is found on pp. With copy send by Guy Bolton to Shaw who returned it with a note : "Dear Guy Bolton/ I have no recollection of this letter ... Laurence too.] orquay; Dear Squire/ Read the enclosed.vii-viii of the book, but in a different format; penciling may be John Farleigh's sketch for the illustration published on p. [With catalogue listing of the letters upon which B. Burgunder has typed a long note.] London; 10 directional postcards for Raina in "Arms and the Man". Duddington, Shall we say provisionally a pound a week for the furniture [With letter from Duddington to Mrs. Denis Mackail is a son of Jack Mackail [With note from B. Burgunder with brief identity sketches of those mentioned in the letter.Photocopy; carbon copy of transcription and Shaw's autograph, clipped from the original letter? May I point out that there will be plenty of unpublished material in my projected Autobiography and that there had been a selection made of the Shaw letters" Includes typed transcription on separate leaf; begins "Reporting progress: From the material submitted by me to Mr. ; concerns Housman and Galsworthy; with explanatory note on separate leaf by Bernard F. Robertson, I met Housman only once in Westminster Abbey at the Hardy" Ayot St.Shaw, he has so far selected about 57,000 words to which are added about 5000 newly written words." Begins "The number of words selected and approved according to your latest report of August 20 is indeed encouraging, but I must say I rather view with alarm your apparent emphasis on unpublished material and the proposed inclusion of art criticism." Venice; begins "Dear Lord Alfred Douglas / It is a pity that Wilde still tempts men to write Lives of him. Lawrence; with holograph corrections; concerns British bombing policy, specifically bombardment of continental cities; begins "Cui Bono?

on business relations with Shaw; added entry cards have been made for all items other than Shaw's letters to Dodd, Mead & Co. Shaw and have finally projected a volume of autobiographical selections from his works." With typed transcription of postcard and carbon copy; begins "Thank you for your cable and letter of March 19th.Wallis Simpson; included are typed transcriptions and explanatory notes; the letter concerns the Polish production of The Millionairess Untitled statement written in ink on a sheet of parchment bearing printed announcement of The Modern Historic Records Association; published by the Association in 1913, in facsimile together with statements by others; reprinted subsequently several times in other publications Original located in the Hanley Collection, University of Texas; there are revisions in Shaw's hand, and his inscription on the first page: "to Floryan Sobieniowski for translation into Polish. H.; and make the following cuts in Act III" London; one leaf is a dealer description of the letter; "The proposal" is evidently for O'Riordan to write a book about Shaw; the envelope is addressed in a hand other than Shaw's; begins "My dear Conal / Unless the proposal involves an advance of at least" London; apparently in response to a request for autobiographical material; with explanatory note on separate leaf; begins "Dear Mr.Werner Laurie / Many people complain that it has never occurred to me to do anything else" London; Baron Palmstierna was the Swedish Minister in London; Shaw sent a similar letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy; begins "May it please Your Excellency / The award of the Nobel prize for the year 1925 to" London; with explanatory note by Bernard F.Burgunder on separate leaf; begins "Dear Ebba / You had better tell Glydendal and Bonnier" Ayot St.Lawrence; an actress, Miss Terriss was the daughter of William Terriss, an actor who died in 1897; See: SHAW PHOTOGRAPH Terriss, Ellaline; begins "My dear Ellaline Terriss / This is a nice trick to play on an ancient and broken man" London; Shaw's views on homosexuality, addressed to the Dean of Windsor; with explanatory note added on separate leaf by Bernard F. T."; begins "Dear Maurice / Max Beerbohm and his wife are lunching with us today at" Ravenna; with his Autograph Manuscript Signed St.

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