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However, Paltalk banned Pranknet after a February 2009 KFC incident.After Pranknet users were banned from Paltalk, the company was subjected to multiple DDo S attacks.On April 30, a Pranknet member named "Rollin in the A" called Prejean's Restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana posing as an official from the health department.

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On February 10, "Dex" and a member called "DTA_Mike", posing as hotel front desk employees, called two separate guests at the Best Western in Shillington, Pennsylvania.There are thousands of women who are home alone during the day and looking for some safe anonymous webcam fun.This is where you can go to get in touch with them for some cam to cam fun.On May 27, "Dex" called a Hampton Inn in York, Nebraska and tricked an employee into setting off the fire alarm.As guests made their way to the lobby, a second call was placed to the front desk.

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