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In addition, Ewald Meinl has made a modern copy of this instrument, and it is currently owned and played by Wim Becu.The bore size of renaissance/baroque trombones is approximately 10 mm (0.39 in) and the bell rarely more than 10.5 cm (4.1 in) in diameter.From 1375 the iconography sees trumpets being made with bends, and some in 'S' shapes.Around 1400 we see the "loop"-shaped trumpet appear in paintings and at some point in the 15th century, a single slide was added.Before the early 1800s, most trombones adjusted tuning with a crook on the joint between the bell and slide or, more rarely, between the mouthpiece and the slide, The first reference to a slide instrument was probably trompette des ménestrels, first found in Burgundy in the 1420s and later in other regions of Europe.

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In Scotland in 1538 the slide instrument is referred to as draucht trumpet (drawn trumpet) as opposed to a weir trumpet (war trumpet), which had a fixed length.

The next word to appear in the 15th century that implied a slide was the sackbut group of words.

There are two theories for the sources: it is either derived from the Middle French sacquer (to pull) and bouter (to push) or from the Spanish sacar (to draw or pull) and bucha (a tube or pipe). Closely related to sackbut was the name used in France: sacqueboute and in Spain, where it was sacabuche.

Some modern sackbut reproductions use glue as a compromise to give a loose fitting for high resonance without risk of falling apart.

Tuning slides came in during the very late 18th century.

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