Whos anne hathaway dating

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She lost her virginity at 14 to 'a man who grabbed me in a corridor at a party'. I wanted lots of love.' One of her early boyfriends was Daphne du Maurier's son, Kits Browning.

She adds: 'I remember looking in the mirror afterwards to see if I looked any different. But Edward Fox, a year above her at Rada, was the first to steal her heart.

She found an idyllic Elizabethan farmhouse which they bought and she threw herself into motherhood and gardening.

For years they were happy, but when Gough started work at the National Theatre and returned to Norfolk only at weekends, the cracks in their marriage began to show. I thought I could still be Mrs Gough and an individual. I was becoming a woman.' The evening they agreed to divorce, she says, they went to bed, cried and held each other. 'But we knew we couldn't continue to make each other so unhappy.' Like Billie, who recently said she wouldn't take a penny of her ex-husband's millions, Anneke also walked away from her marriage empty-handed.

But while 23-year-old Billie bowed out with a new £250,000 BBC role and a six-figure deal to write her autobiography, life wasn't quite so kind to Anneke.

Had anyone ever asked the Sixties star to pen her life story, they would have unveiled an astonishing tale of love and loss a thousand times more remarkable than that of former teen pop star Billie.

'It was obvious then what had happened.'But despite abandoning her in the most cold-hearted way imaginable, Newley continued to see Anneke. 'There was one amusing incident when we were both having our hair cut at Vidal Sassoon — I realised with horror that Joan was sitting the other side of the mirror. Within months she was pregnant again and determined this time that no one would take her baby. I said: "It's my baby and I am not going to claim anything or mention your name. It didn't matter to him that I was pregnant.' After Gough divorced his second wife, they married at Fulham register office on Valentine's Day 1965.

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The daughter of a Dutch-born Parisian catwalk model and a Harrow-educated artist descended from Elizabethan sea lord Sir Richard Grenville, she was born in 1941 in a private nursing home near Pinewood Studios.Despite the four decades that separate them, Anneke Wills and Billie Piper would have rather a lot to talk about if they ever met.For starters, they are both former child stars who have played Doctor Who's female sidekick.Or that she was thrown out of Rada at 17 for 'behaving badly' with Edward Fox. In a quiet corner of her garden, she has a bathtub set beneath a canopy of trees which is connected up to the kitchen sink by a hose.Or that at just 18 she was pregnant with Anthony Newley's child and forced to abort it when he left her for Joan Collins. On summer mornings, she lies in the warm water, taking in the glorious view across the moors and reflecting on the astonishing events of her life.

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